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Dom Maria Brazilian Sparkling Rosé has arrived just in time for summer. Its refreshing & dry take on a Rosé will have you wanting it by your side throughout the warm season. The notes of berry & peach blend to create a sparkling unlike you've ever tasted before.


Rosé Specs


60% Chardonnay
40% Pinot Noir

4 to 6 Degrees

Matured for 12 months causing yeast autolysis

Fish dishes and white meats, light sauces

Produced in Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil

Final selection of bunches;
Direct pressing of the grapes,
discontinuous and delicate;
Cold static cleaning of must;
Use of selected yeasts;
Alcoholic fermentation with temperature 15 ° C;
Riddling in pupitres
Degorgement, corking and labeling.

Analytical Report

Alcohol: 11,5 %
Total Acidity: 6,67 g/l of acid tartaric
Density: 0,996
Dry extract: 30,20 g/l
So2 Total/Free: 0,095 / 0,019 g/l
Total sugars: 11,5 g/l
pH: 2,98

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