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the beauty of casual

When we decided to produce a vintage Brazilian sparkling wine, we wanted it to be as versatile as our country and fresh enough to enjoy any time of the day. That’s casual for us.

We wanted everything about our sparkling to capture and celebrate the simple daily moments and make them memorable. We also figured it could open a relaxed conversation about Brazil.
      A collaboration between entrepreneur Nick Walker, creative director Guilherme Junqueira, and Design Studio Aparelho produced Dom Maria — Your Casual Brazilian Sparkling Wine — ready to enjoy.

Our sparklings

  • Produced in Valley of the Vineyards, Brazil
  • Matured for 12 Months
  • Vintage
  • Made in the traditional champenoise method
  • No added sulfites

the winery

Casa Valduga, in southern Brazil, Vale dos Vinhedos, or Valley of the Vineyards, is known for being one of the country's oldest wine-growing regions. Being among the earliest Italian immigrants, it was the Valduga Family who planted one of the valley's first vineyards.

Since then, the family has mastered the traditional champenoise method in order to present vintage Brazilian sparkling. Their commitment to family, tradition, craftsmanship, and constant innovation has led the Valdugas to be distinguished as one of the most highly-regarded wine producers in Brazil.
     Casa Valduga was recognized in the 2020 Vinalies Internationales in Paris as the producer of the best sparkling in the world. We are honored to have Casa Valduga as partners and to invite you to taste Dom Maria.